Accepting or declining an offer for a kidney

Your kidney transplant team will support your decision-making and guide you through the offering process

Key points

  • It can take years before you are offered a kidney from a deceased donor, but sometimes when you get an offer it may not suitable for you
  • There may be problems with the donor or organ that mean the kidney has a higher risk of failure than you or your transplant team are willing to accept
  • You may have problems, such as a recent infection, that makes you unsuitable to undergo transplantation at that time
  • It is up to you and your transplant team to decide whether to accept or decline an offer

Understanding the risks

Receiving an offer for a kidney from a deceased donor can bring about a rollercoaster of emotions. You may have been waiting years for this moment and desperate for the transplant to go ahead. But before it can, your transplant team needs to assess the likely risks and benefits of the offered kidney and discuss these with you.

Every deceased donor and every kidney are different. Some organs carry more risk than others. Sometimes the kidney you are offered may carry a higher risk than either you or your transplant team are willing to accept.

Learn about the risks from a donated kidney

Accepting an offer

If your transplant team thinks that an offered kidney is suitable for you, they will tell you relevant information about the donor and the kidney.

They are not able to give you all of the information that they have about the donor. The donor’s name and personal details must be kept confidential. But you will be told if the donor has significant health problems that could affect how well the organ works after transplantation. Or if there are risks of transmitting infections or cancers.

 If you decide to accept the offer and proceed with the transplant, you will be asked to come into the transplant centre.

View British Transplantation Society consent guidance (PDF, 114KB)

Declining an offer

If you feel the kidney is not right for you, you should decline the offer. The transplant centre will not force you to accept an organ offer. The transplant team is there to support you in your decision.

If you turn down an offer for a reasonable reason then you will remain active on the transplant waiting list if you are otherwise well enough for a transplant.

Acceptable reasons for refusing an offer include:

  • Concerns about the risk of getting disease from the donor
  • Concerns about the kidney being higher risk for possible complications
  • Concerns that the kidney may not function for long enough

If the transplant team has concerns about the reasons for you turning down an offer, they may want to talk to you further. Your place on the transplant waiting list may be put on hold until this has happened.

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