Family planning

Please speak to your care team for advice on trying for a baby, contraception or HRT

Key points

  • You may be able to get a pregnant after having a heart transplant
  • You should wait at least a year before trying for a baby
  • For your baby’s safety, your medicines may need to change
  • It’s essential that you speak to your transplant team before planning a family
  • For contraception or HRT advice, please speak to your care team

Starting a family after a heart transplant

If you are a woman of childbearing age you may be able to get pregnant after a heart transplant.

For your baby's safety, your medicines may need to change.

Answers to common questions

Discuss your options with your heart transplant team

It’s crucial that you speak to your transplant team if you’re planning a baby as they can give you specific advice. If you do become pregnant, please let your heart transplant team know as soon as possible.

Looking for contraception or HRT advice?

If you have any questions about contraception or hormone replacement therapy (HRT), please speak to your heart transplant team.

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