Benefits of a heart transplant

For carefully selected patients, a heart transplant is the best treatment for their underlying end-stage heart disease

Key points

  • A heart transplant leads to a longer, better quality of life for most people who are able to have one
  • Most people say they have extra energy and feel more able to cope with everyday activities
  • You are more able to work and go on holiday

Start enjoying life again

For most patients, a heart transplant leads to a marked improvement in quality of life and in longer survival. Once you have recovered from the operation and clinic visits are less frequent, your life should start getting back to normal. You are likely to be able to work, drive, play sports and go on holiday. If you are of childbearing age, you may be able to try for a baby.

Longer-term survival

The average patient survival after a heart transplant in the UK is 14 years. Longer-term survival is increasing and there are several patients in the UK who have survived beyond 30 years.  

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