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15 July 2021

Organ donation achieved three quarters of its normal activity last year despite global pandemic

Despite the strains that Covid-19 put on the NHS over the last year, 3,391 people in the UK had their lives saved thanks to the generosity of 1,180 people donating their organs after death.

05 July 2021

NHSBT Business Plan launches

2021/22 will represent a year of recovery for NHSBT, as well as an opportunity to lock in positive change, and build equity and innovation into our culture and services.

01 July 2021

Summer plasma campaign to launch in July

The campaign, which launches on 21 July, will highlight the number of donors needed over the summer to meet targets.

30 June 2021

Chief Nursing Officer’s Award for Catherine Howell

NHSBT Chief Nurse Catherine Howell has been awarded a Chief Nursing Officer’s Award for outstanding contribution to patient care throughout her career.

28 June 2021

BloodCounts! Consortium with NHSBT scientist wins Trinity Challenge Prize for breakthrough in infectious disease detection

A novel tool that uses AI to detect new disease outbreaks sooner, that was first developed by an NHSBT scientist and his colleague at the University of Cambridge, has today been awarded a substantial funding prize by the Trinity Challenge.

18 June 2021

British Asian Artists sing out for more people to be a ‘Hero’ in new organ donation appeal

British Asian music artists have recorded a new version of the song ‘Hero’ as part of an urgent call for members of the British South Asian community to pledge their support for organ donation and potentially save lives.

16 June 2021

Queen’s Birthday Honours recognise Donation Champions

Three tireless campaigners have been awarded Honours in the Queen’s 2021 Birthday Honours List.

15 June 2021

Jason Manford donates plasma for lifesaving medicines on World Blood Donor Day

The comedian Jason Manford made his first lifesaving donation of plasma for medicines at the Bolton donor centre, inspired by his mum Sharon who is a new recruit at the site.

14 June 2021

Landmark change to blood donation eligibility rules on today’s World Blood Donor Day

New eligibility rules that will allow more men who have sex with men to donate blood, platelets and plasma come into effect this week.

14 June 2021

NHS Blood and Transplant join partnership putting genomics front and centre in blood matching

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is joining blood supply organisations from around the world, forming an international collaboration which promises to make future blood transfusion therapy more efficient, more accurate, standardized, and safer.

09 June 2021

Plasma for medicines donations to continue

The Government has directed us to keep collecting plasma for medicines and provided funding until at least March 2022.

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