NHSBT Business Plan 2022/23 launches

29 July 2022

Today (29 July) marks the launch of NHS Blood and Transplant's (NHSBT) Business Plan for 2022/23.

The NHS Blood and Transplant Business Plan for 2022/23 represents the first year of delivery against the NHSBT Strategy, setting out how we will most effectively fulfil our ambition to save and improve even more lives in the years ahead, as well as our role in contributing towards UK Government and wider NHS objectives.

The last two years have been marked by the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought huge changes to the NHS, as well as to the lives of donors and staff.

Together, we have risen to the challenges, making changes to ways of working to ensure continuity of supply while, at the same time, scaling new products and services to support the wider national response.

The challenges caused by the pandemic and the learning coming out of the experience offer a unique opportunity to renew the focus of the health and care system to create a better, fairer health system for the longer term.

Through 2022/23 we aim to build on this momentum, restoring services, managing the ongoing risk from COVID-19, to achieve both recovery and renewal, whilst anticipating and responding to other changes in our external environment – from emerging new technologies and clinical practices, to changing demographics and consumer trends.

This year, we will be defining what the commitments in the NHSBT Strategy mean for our services and business functions in more detail. To coincide with National Blood Week in June, we launched a new 5-year Blood Service Strategy, and we are working on strategies for Pathology, Tissue and Eye Services, and Cellular, Apheresis and Gene Therapies.

As well as setting out an exciting future for NHSBT, we have already started work to deliver against the priorities set out in our strategy:

Grow and diversify our donor base

To grow and diversify our donor base we will be enhancing our use of data and our engagement with donors, for example by establishing a new Partnerships and Community Engagement Team, delivering new marketing technology, and building insights on how the pandemic has impacted donor sentiment and behaviour.

Modernise our operations

In 2022/23, we will be making progress on our plans to modernise our operations by delivering our Blood Technology Modernisation and Testing Development programmes, integrating our testing and pathology capabilities, whilst setting out how we will meet the NHS Net Zero 2040 ambition.

Driving innovation to improve patient outcomes

To deliver on our priority of driving innovation to improve patient outcomes, we will advance our Genomics and Transfusion 2024 programmes, as well as supporting implementation of the Organ Utilisation Group recommendations.

In 2022 we also launched 5 new Blood and Transplant Research Units in partnership with universities and the National Institute of Health Research, with funding of £20m over 5 years to provide new technologies, techniques or insights that will benefit donation, transfusion, and transplantation.

Collaborate with partners to develop and scale new services for the NHS

As we collaborate with partners to develop and scale new services for the NHS, in 2022/23 we will expand our plasma operation by commencing integration with our chosen fractionator and building new capabilities.

We will drive activity and income growth across Cell, Apheresis and Gene Therapies, and will work with our partners to develop recommendations as part of the UK Stem Cell Strategic Forum.

Invest in our people and culture

Our strategy also outlined how we would invest in our people and culture.

This year’s Business Plan presents an ambitious agenda for our workforce, including creating frameworks for career management and career conversations, strategic workforce planning, and relaunching the NHSBT Partnership working agreement.

We will be focusing on making NHSBT a destination of choice for top talent and a great place to work for everyone by launching a dynamic attraction strategy, our future model of working, a new employee value proposition, and establishing new staff networks to broaden inclusion.

To find out more about the plan, download our detailed business plan presentation (PDF 1MB).