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Our staff

Working together to save and transform lives

Staff networks 

We want NHSBT to be a great place to work for everyone.

Our staff-run networks help achieve this by championing and supporting our diverse team.

But it’s not just about helping our staff. Our networks use the skills and resources of our employees to benefit our patients and donors too.

BAME Network

BAME network logoThe BAME Network utilises the skills and resources of our black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues to add value to the organisation.

The network promotes and encourages career progression of BAME employees for greater representation across all levels of the organisation.

It also provides advice and guidance on policy development to promote an inclusive culture across NHSBT.

LGBT+ Network

LGBT+ network logo

The LGBT+ Network was established in 2017 by our colleagues and for colleagues who identify as LGBT+.

It aims to connect and support LGBT+ colleagues and promote an environment where everyone can come to work without fear of judgement.

The network champions inclusivity and celebrates our diverse workforce as well as the communities we serve.

Find out more about the LGBT+ network

Women's Network

Women's network logo

The Women's Network is a community to celebrate and support NHSBT women that work in STEM or are interested to STEM careers. We aim to:

  • Support women in NHSBT, understanding issues faced and working on strategies to make career development more accessible
  • Provide a platform for colleagues to promote career development for women within NHSBT
  • Share knowledge and experience and promote pathways for career satisfaction and development – maximising potential
  • Creating a safe and diverse environment
  • Recognising and celebrating the skills and talents of women in NHSBT
  • Identifying high achievers at NHSBT and historical figures and promoting their work.

Disability and health promotion advocate scheme

Disability and health promotion advocate scheme logoThe disability and health promotion advocate scheme outlines our commitment to promoting equality and valuing diversity and will help to ensure that we are fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010.

The main purpose of the scheme is to promote a ‘disability confident’ organisational culture within NHSBT and to heighten awareness of disability equality within the organisation.

Advocates from across NHSBT help promote disability equality issues and general information to colleagues on disability-related matters. We work in partnership with the Business Disability Forum and seek external expertise on disability-related matters.