Identifying talent, supporting potential

I relish having the chance to engage with individuals and teams across the organisation to give them recognition and my personal thanks for what they are doing to save and improve lives
Yvonne McIntosh

Organisation Development Consultant - Talent and Leadership

Yvonne's story

I have worked for NHSBT for 36 years. I’ve been a Trainee Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer (MLSO), Biomedical Scientist, MLSO 2 in Research and Development, Team Manager in Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, Team Manager in Red cell Immunohaematology, then seconded into an Organisation Development Manager role.

A friend told me about the blood bank at Longley Lane in Sheffield. I had an interview with the Transfusion Service (as it was then called), and another on the same day to work in a hospital laboratory. I immediately knew I wanted to work for the Transfusion Service because everyone I encountered made me feel comfortable.

NHSBT is an organisation that will develop you through training as well as supporting further development using coaching and mentoring techniques and where possible internal and external courses.
Yvonne McIntosh Organisation Development Consultant - Talent and Leadership
Yvonne McIntosh Organisation Development Consultant - Talent and Leadership

My department is involved in supporting the organisation in the identification and development of talented individuals. We provide them with opportunities to develop their own career pathway within NHSBT and in some cases the wider NHS. We also support managers, teams and individuals on our leadership and management programmes, bespoke team development days, and one-to-one coaching.

In addition to these programmes and interventions, I also deliver on some of the scientific programmes that Organisation Workforce Development (OWD) offers, thereby keeping my personal skills and knowledge up to date.

There are many different career pathways available within NHSBT. If you want to make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients, and even more families and friends, then take the first steps, complete the application form and press send.