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16 April 2024

New trial using skin patches as an ‘early warning system’ to spot lung transplant rejection

A new trial, SENTINEL, is set to investigate if skin patches can be used as an early warning system to identify if lung transplants are being rejected, so treatment can begin sooner, reducing the chance of longer lasting organ damage.

11 April 2024

Kidney transplant patients to get blood matched for white blood cells in new programme

In a new programme, kidney transplant patients will get blood transfusions matched not just for red blood cells but also for the donor’s tissue type, to help reduce the formation of immune system antibodies and transplant rejection.

18 March 2024

New NHS and Government partnership aims to boost Organ donation registrations

Adults renewing their passport online will be given the option to confirm their support for organ donation by joining the NHS Organ Donor Register.

27 February 2024

NHS Blood and Transplant now using virtual reality training for blood transfusion matching

A man who receives lifesaving blood used a new NHS virtual reality package to learn how blood is matched.

21 February 2024

Barnsley engineer’s stem cells now in the centre he helped build ready to help save his life

Darren Dowlen will receive the stem cells he previously donated after being given chemotherapy to treat myeloma.

02 February 2024

New nationwide lung transplant scheme with urgent categories dramatically reduced waiting times for sickest patients

The creation of a nationwide organ transplant allocation policy successfully enabled the sickest patients to receive transplants sooner, a new research paper shows.

22 January 2024

First patients with inherited blood disorders to get world-first NHS test to curb transfusion side effects

From today, thousands of people with sickle cell disorder and thalassaemia in England will have access a world-first ‘blood matching’ genetic test on the NHS to better match their future blood transfusions.

17 January 2024

Call for more Millennials and Gen Zs to give blood as NHS reveals most donors are over 45

The NHS is calling for more younger donors to give blood as it is revealed that for the first time in five years there are more donors over the age of 45 than under.

25 October 2023

Increased proportion of people from ethnic minority backgrounds show their support for organ donation

A new report published today by NHS Blood and Transplant shows that an increased proportion of potential organ donors of Black and Asian heritage are showing their support by registering their decision to be a donor on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

24 October 2023

First patient has new cutting-edge therapy for cancer patients

Oxford University Hospitals is now a highly specialised NHS centre offering CAR-T therapies to people with cancer, after NHS England expanded access to the potentially life-saving treatment.

12 October 2023

Annual safety report shows no impact on safety since more gay and bisexual man were able to donate blood

The annual blood safety report shows no impact on blood safety since a more individualised assessment allowed more gay and bisexual men to donate blood.

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