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17 June 2024

Extended blood group testing offered to everyone with sickle cell disorder, thalassaemia and transfusion-dependent rare inherited anaemias

This Sickle Cell Awareness Day, we’re sharing that nurses can offer extended blood group testing to everyone with sickle cell, thalassaemia and transfusion-dependent rare anaemias.

10 June 2024

O positive and O negative donors asked to urgently book appointments to give blood following London hospitals IT incident

England’s top doctor has today (Monday 10 June) backed calls from NHS Blood and Transplant for O Positive and O Negative blood donors to urgently book appointments to donate following the cyber incident in London.

06 June 2024

Genetics study points to potential treatments for restless leg syndrome

An international team of scientists, in collaboration with NHS Blood and Transplant, have discovered genetic clues to the cause of restless leg syndrome.

20 May 2024

Statement on the Infected Blood Inquiry report

Our statement on the Infected Blood Inquiry report

17 May 2024

79% of lifesaving NHS Blood and Transplant statisticians are female

NHS Blood and Transplant is celebrating International Women in Maths Day by highlighting that most members of the statistics team who work on the life-saving research and modelling that underpins organ, stem cell and blood donation are female.

16 May 2024

£600,000 to address shortage of organ and blood donors from Black, Asian and Mixed Ethnic backgrounds

New funding opportunities are now available for local charities and community groups to address health inequalities for life-saving transplants or regular blood transfusions.

09 May 2024

Double hand transplant patient receives ‘world first’ to stop organ rejection

A double hand transplant patient has undergone plasma exchange treatment in an attempt to stop rejection, in what is thought to be a world first.

03 May 2024

Plasma 10 campaign aims to recruit Birmingham businesses to donate plasma

Renowned West Midlands businessman, Professor Paul Cadman, has launched the Plasma 10 campaign. The campaign aims to recruit ten donors from ten Birmingham businesses within a ten minute walk of the New Street plasma donor centre.

24 April 2024

“290 plasma donations transform my life every year”

The NHS appeals for more plasma donors to come forward to help save lives of people like Gary.

16 April 2024

New trial using skin patches as an ‘early warning system’ to spot lung transplant rejection

A new trial, SENTINEL, is set to investigate if skin patches can be used as an early warning system to identify if lung transplants are being rejected, so treatment can begin sooner, reducing the chance of longer lasting organ damage.

11 April 2024

Kidney transplant patients to get blood matched for white blood cells in new programme

In a new programme, kidney transplant patients will get blood transfusions matched not just for red blood cells but also for the donor’s tissue type, to help reduce the formation of immune system antibodies and transplant rejection.

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