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Still image taken from #LIVEON social media dance video
09 March 2023

#LIVEON campaign launch

A group of doctors from Muslim Doctors Cymru have come together for World Kidney Day to launch a national social media campaign on organ donation

09 March 2023

‘Dáithí’s Law’ to come into effect from June

The Department of Health in Northern Ireland has now been able to confirm the date for the introduction of Dáithí’s Law’, 1 June 2023

28 February 2023

Life-changing hand transplant to be shown on BBC documentary

A new eight-part medical documentary series will start with the story of a hand transplant recipient, who received the life-transforming gift of new arms thanks to the generosity of a donor and their family.

08 February 2023

NHS Blood and Transplant announces new Chief Executive

After an open and competitive recruitment process, NHS Blood and Transplant has today announced the appointment of Dr Jo Farrar CB OBE as its new Chief Executive.

01 February 2023

New product combining blood and plasma in one bag saves lives

A new blood product combining red blood cells and plasma in one bag is associated with a better survival from a penetrating major trauma injury, a new study has found.

12 January 2023

More donors of Black and Asian heritage needed to help patients waiting for an organ transplant

A new report published today by NHS Blood and Transplant shows that there is a significant need for more organ donors of Black and Asian heritage, in order to help the growing number of patients waiting for life-saving transplants.

14 December 2022

Air Ambulances begin trial transfusing ‘whole blood’ to potentially improve civilian and military trauma care

Air Ambulance crews to carry ‘whole blood’ instead of separate red blood cells and plasma for the treatment of severely injured patients at risk of bleeding to death.

02 December 2022

New funding for local charities and community groups announced

£700,000 to address the shortage of organ, blood and stem cell donors from Black, Asian and mixed ethnic backgrounds has been announced.

28 November 2022

Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” star Danai Gurira urges people of Black heritage to donate blood

The star has released an inspiring video appeal in support of the NHS campaign for more people of Black Caribbean and Black African heritage to donate blood.

07 November 2022

First ever clinical trial of laboratory grown red blood cells being transfused into another person

Red blood cells that have been grown in a laboratory have now been transfused into another person in a world first clinical trial.

02 November 2022

NHS teams up with Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

NHS Blood and Transplant is teaming up with Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in a huge boost to its new campaign to recruit more Black heritage blood donors.

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