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Head in the right direction with a unique Transport career. Phil Loy talks about how he’s worked his way up from distributing payslips to managing a fleet.

I’ve been here 21 years and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.
Phil Loy

Transport and Logistics Manager

Phil's story

I’m proud of the fact I’ve worked at NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) more than 20 years. I’ve been here all my life and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

I started in payroll as a house porter, distributing payslips around the Mersey region. I was then promoted to Trainee Computer Operator before moving over to the Transport office. Here I worked my way up from Admin Assistant to Transport Coordinator and then to Transport and Logistics Manager – which is what I am now.

Our department’s role is to make sure untreated blood is collected from donor sessions for processing and testing. We then deliver the final blood products to hospitals as and when they are needed. I manage transport out of Liverpool and we cover 11 hospitals with a fleet of 22 drivers and 17 vehicles. We are quite unique in Liverpool as we provide drivers for the set up of donor sessions, so we are responsible for the transport of all the equipment as well as the donated blood.

My team make sure donation blood gets to hospitals safely. It’s a varied role with lots of training support.
Phil Loy, Transport and Logistics Manager
Phil Loy, Transport and Logistics Manager

The job is quite varied. There is always something going on.

I have done my fair share of training and have numerous certificates. This includes mandatory training and personal development, where I got to build my skills in things like communications and public speaking.

There are a lot of good opportunities in NHSBT and more options than you might think.