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Healthcare Science and Support

We recruit qualified Biomedical and Clinical Scientists regularly, however many of the roles within this area are for support staff who do not need previous scientific experience.

We'll train the right candidates.

All of these roles are spread across departments that test, process and issue blood and blood products as well as providing patients and hospitals with support for blood transfusions, stem cell and organ transplants.

Current openings

£18,813 to £20,795 pa, London, NW9 5BG

£18,813 to £20,795 pa, Tooting, SW17 0RB

£24,214 to £30,112 pa, Bristol, BS34 7QH

£37,570 to £43,772 pa & HCAS, Tooting, SW17 0RB

£37,570 to £43,772 pa, North Region - by agreement, LS15 7TW

£24,214 to £30,112 p/a, Birmingham, B15 2SG

£30,401 to £37,267 pa, Tooting, SW17 0RB

£30,401 to £37,267 pa, Liverpool, L24 8RB