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From trainee to Clinical Scientist to Operations Manager, Arthi Anand has worked her way up through NHSBT.

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Dr Arthi Anand

Laboratory Operations Manager

Arthi's story

I joined NHSBT in 2003 as a BSHI trainee, having a background working for Cancer Research UK on treatments for cancer.  Although the NHSBT role was as a trainee, I really wanted to work closer to the clinical environment. When my BSHI training was complete I then completed portfolio to become a Clinical Scientist.

In my previous role at Colindale (North London) I was involved in the operational implementation of next generation sequencing for stem cell donors.  NHSBT is the first organisation in the UK to implement this innovative typing strategy for stem cell / cord blood donors, reducing the search and selection times and improving transplant outcomes for patients across the world.  Since then I've been promoted to an Operations Manager role.  My current department is responsible for tissue typing for renal transplant and stem cell transplant programmes.

I love being in a team where we work to each other's strengths and weaknesses. My team is full of energy and enthusiasm with a can-do attitude that helps us achieve our objectives within challenging time frames.
Dr Arthi Anand, Laboratory Operations Manager
Dr Arthi Anand, Laboratory Operations Manager