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As an employee for NHSBT I am ambitious, and feel supported in my journey to success.
Bekki Ventre

Continuous Improvement Facilitator

Bekki's story

I’ve been working for NHSBT for four years and it’s been an exciting journey. I found out about NHSBT from a friend from university who worked in Manufacturing and told me there were jobs available. I started as a Senior Healthcare Technical Officer (SHTO) in Manufacturing in Manchester and SHTO in RCI Reagents Production in Liverpool. I’ve progressed to become a Continuous Improvement Facilitator for Manufacturing, Testing and Hospital Services.

I have a degree in biological sciences and a real passion to help people, so I felt NHSBT was the perfect employer for me.

NHSBT has invested in my career growth allowing me to attend courses such as Practical Introduction to Transfusion Science, which built on my transfusion knowledge. I have also had the chance to improve my management skills by attending A.I.M. (our in-house Achieve, Inspire, Motivate programme). What’s more, I attended the British Blood Transfusion Society Annual Conference.

In my current role as Continuous Improvement Facilitator, I support Manufacturing, Testing and Hospital Services by implementing lean methodology - making our processes more efficient so we can save and improve even more lives.

NHSBT has invested in my career growth and enabled me to progress through the organisation.