Handle the most generous of gifts

Start a career in tissue donation and get the support you need to make a difference. Charlotte Fowke, Senior Tissue Donation Assistant, tells her story.

I love my job. It’s a really rewarding role. Joining NHSBT is the best thing I have ever done
Charlotte Fowke

Senior Tissue Donation Assistant

Charlotte's story

I joined NHSBT in October 2014. I’d previously worked in a variety of roles in the private sector, including as a homecare assistant and working for a major retailer, but I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the NHS. I found the role of Tissue Donation Assistant while browsing on the NHS website. It sounded really interesting and although I had no previous experience I decided it was worth applying for.

The department I work for deals with deceased tissue donations. This is similar to live organ donation, but involves eyes, skin, bones, tendons and heart valves. My role is to visit hospitals, hospices, mortuaries and funeral homes to retrieve tissue from the deceased. The generosity of family members of donors can lead to someone getting their sight back.

It’s an incredible privilege to work with people at such a difficult time when they are prepared to be so generous donating tissue from their family member.

I feel very fortunate to have had this chance – a complete career change for me. After only 12 months I was fortunate to develop into a higher banded job. I want to continue working for NHSBT. There are plenty of training opportunities available and many roles where you don’t need experience.

If you see a job with NHSBT that interests you, don’t hesitate - go for it!