Scientific careers that save lives

I love working as part of a team, knowing that the job we do helps to save and improve patient’s lives.
Jasbir Jutlla

Advanced Specialist Biomedical Scientist

Jasbir's story

I joined NHSBT as a trainee Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer (MLSO) in Red Cell Immunohaematology (RCI) after completing my degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Bradford. I’ve been working for NHSBT for 18 years, first in Leeds now in Birmingham.

I am currently a Senior Biomedical Scientist in RCI and also the departmental Training Officer so that involves ensuring that all our staff are fully trained and competent in the procedures that they perform. We perform a wide range of tests such as antibody investigation, antibody quantification/titration, crossmatching for patients with multiple antibodies in RCI. Samples are referred to us from 36 hospitals across the West Midlands region.

I have a young child and work flexible hours and appreciate NHSBT’s approach to flexible working.

NHSBT is a great place to work. I have completed my Master’s degree and various other management qualifications during my time here. NHSBT offers a great deal of opportunities for career development and there are a comprehensive range of training programmes available to support enhanced knowledge and career progression.

There are many opportunities available for people to study further here if they wish to do so.