Perception surveys

These let us gather feedback to improve our service and make us more effective

We work with many different organisations that share our commitment to save and improve more patient lives through donation. To ensure our work is effective as possible, it’s vital that we get feedback on our performance and communications. So every other year we invite representatives from charities, regulators and professional bodies, and the UK health departments to take part in a Perception Survey.  The survey is conducted anonymously so that participants can respond in a frank and honest way.

The value of perception surveys

Our perception surveys have shown us how effective we are in listening to and engaging with those key stakeholders who have an interest in our work. The survey findings also help us shine the spotlight on where we need to improve in the future. This insight allows us to approach our work more effectively, make continuous improvements and inform our future communications.

Results of our 2016 Perception Survey

A good understanding amongst stakeholders of the work we do and a positive view of our overall performance.

Stakeholders referenced various examples of success over the past year - citing the achievement of our organ donation targets as a significant success.

Noted achievements included an increase in our social media presence, improvements in stem cell work and providing a safe and sufficient supply of blood.

Future goals: focus on improving communication and collaboration, particularly with BAME communities and younger people

Read the full 2016 Perception Survey report

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