Tissue Donation

We rely on, and are very grateful for, the generosity of our donors and their families

Our donors and their families transform lives

Every year, hundreds of lives are saved with the help of donated organs such as hearts and kidneys, but you may not realise that donated tissue such as skin, bone and heart valves can also save and dramatically improve the quality of life for many.

Thanks to our donors and their families we are able to provide skin, tendons, bone and other tissues to repair or rebuild the bodies, faces and lives of thousands of severely injured people each year.

Our team of specialist tissue donation nurses are based at our tissue banking facility in Liverpool. They are responsible for the coordination of tissue donation after death, and provide support and assistance to the newly bereaved families of tissue donors.

Registering to be a tissue donor is quick and easy. To be a donor after your death, you simply need to join the Organ Donor Register and tell your closest family and friends about your wishes.