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Give for your community during Black History Month

This October is Black History Month. During the month, we are urging more black people to join the rising numbers saving lives in their community by registering as blood and organ donors.

More people from black backgrounds than ever are giving blood and donating their organs. But there is still an urgent shortage of donors to help black patients who need lifesaving or life-enhancing blood transfusions and organ transplants.

Blood donation

Did you know you can save or improve up to three lives every time you give blood?

There’s been a big increase in demand for blood types that are more common in people of black heritage.

This includes the rare Ro subtype which is often needed to help treat people with sickle cell disease.

Giving blood is safe, quick and clean. The whole process takes about an hour and the donation itself lasts around 10 minutes.

Bird's eye view of a donor carer cleaning a man's arm before he gives blood

Blood donation stories

Amazing stories about how blood transfusions can save lives and donors share what inspired them to give blood.

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Hannah gives blood for the first time

University student Hannah shows first-time donors what giving blood involves.

Black Girl Festival

We teamed up with Black Girl Festival and invited ten amazing women and their mothers to discuss the need for more black donors over dinner.

Watch more videos about blood donation on YouTube 

Organ donation

Donating your organs could help up to 9 people.

More than 600 black people are currently waiting for an organ transplant.

Although many black people can receive a transplant from a white donor, for many the best match will come from someone from the same ethnic background.

However, black people wait almost a year longer than white people for a transplant due to a shortage of suitable donors.

A young woman stands on a high street holding a giant organ donor card

Real life stories

Hear from people whose lives have been transformed by a transplant and the families of those who said yes to organ donation.

More videos

How organ donation works

Mr Gael R. Nana explains how organs are selected for transplant and how family members are involved in the process. 

Hilaria's organ donation story

Hilaria Asumu talks about her 10-year battle with kidney disease and how an organ donor transformed her life.

Watch more videos about organ donation on YouTube