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Drive our achievement

Join an organisation where you can use your skills to save and improve lives. Dominic McShane, Driver, tells us his story.

It’s very rewarding knowing that you are doing something that makes a difference. dominic-mcshane-large.jpg
Dominic McShane

Transport Driver

Dominic's story

I’ve worked for NHSBT for nine months, though I had worked for them before as an agency driver. Before that I was a delivery driver for a leading furniture company. I am now involved in the delivery and collection of blood products and session equipment. I also carry out emergency deliveries as needed to meet hospital requirements.

I like this job. It’s really interesting and varied. I also like the people that I work with. The people across the company are friendly and helpful. You get a tremendous amount of training and support so you can do a good job.

I was very happy to get this job. I’ve picked things up quickly, and been trained well.
Dominic McShane, Transport Driver
Dominic McShane, Transport Driver

People should be aware that there are sometimes unsociable hours, including weekend work, because NHSBT is a 24/7 organisation carrying out vital, life-saving work. It is, however, a great place to work and you get a lot more satisfaction than other driving jobs.

You get a lot more satisfaction working for NHSBT.