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Learn more about the logistics of saving and improving lives from John Farah-Taylor, Transport Coordinator.

I enjoy my role within the Transport Department as it gives me a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.
John Farah-Taylor

Transport Coordinator

John's story

I have worked for NHSBT for 12 years, first as a Driver. I initially found the Driver opportunity on the NHS Jobs website and I decided to apply. It was a great move.

I currently work as part of a team of seven Coordinators providing a 24/7 service serving all hospitals within the South East. My role involves the effective planning, allocation and management of driver resources to meet increasing customer demands.

My role is very challenging. On any given day, in addition to the many routine blood deliveries, I plan session collections, routine stock movements and emergency ‘blue light’ deliveries.
John Farah-Taylor, Transport Coordinator
John Farah-Taylor, Transport Coordinator

My role requires me to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective solutions whilst striving to achieve customer satisfaction from an efficient in-house service comprising 34 drivers. After hours, in addition to managing resources at Colindale (North London), I manage three other sites in the South East.

I like to feel that I have contributed in a small way in helping someone who needs our services.