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Join the life-saving problem-solvers at our largest Red Cell Immunohaematology lab, based in North West London

This is a brand new role created to help us respond to the changing requirements of customer hospitals. We provide complex diagnostic and blood donation selection activities to hospital transfusion laboratories across the NHS
Tracey Tomlinson

Head of Laboratory - RCI Colindale

About our team

Working on rare patient cases using advanced diagnostics

Blood transfusions are common procedures that save and improve lives, but they are not risk-free. This is why our Red Cell Immunohaematology (RCI) team matters so much. Most transfusion decisions are routine and can be made within a hospital transfusion laboratory. But some – perhaps where a foetus, newborn or transfusion dependent individual is involved – are more risky. At RCI, we solve the serology problems that help care teams to make those difficult decisions.

About the role

As a Reference Laboratory Manager at RCI, you’ll join a division distinguished by the scientific expertise of its 200 staff, by its state-of-the-art technologies, and by its access to co-located blood stock holding units. This network, along with an associated reagents laboratory, shares a single IT system and a unified quality system. RCI Colindale, where you’ll be based, is the largest of the eight RCI laboratories nationwide.

Our Colindale lab works on a diverse range of problems including the investigation of rare antibody specificities. We use advanced serological techniques and carry out a range of genotyping, antibody quantification by continuous flow analyser and FMH by flow cytometry. We work closely with the International Blood Group Reference Laboratory (IBGRL) on our most complex cases.

Staff member in RCI
Staff in RCI

In this newly created role, you’ll work with the additional reference laboratory manager, to oversee the day-to-day provision of state-of-the-art, cost-effective and clinically appropriate diagnostics while working to continuously improve processes and performance on both a local and national scale. 

You’re likely to come from a hospital or research background. We’ll encourage you to further develop your skills and experience, and to contribute to the wider community of knowledge in serology. Our pioneering work is shared through publication and presentation at national meetings and conferences. This is a place to build your profile as well as your expertise.

Our specialist labs are a place where transfusion professionals can deepen their expertise. With access to very rare and unique cases, this role comes with a large repertoire of interesting and stretching work
Tracey Tomlinson

Head of Laboratory – RCI Colindale

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