Diversity and inclusion

We embrace the differences we are born with and harness these differences in a way that is beneficial to all.

My role is to ensure that we make the most of our people and ensure that our workforce is reflective of the people we serve.
Jazz Sehmi

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

As an employer we embrace the differences we are born with

We have a number of employee networks which have grown over recent years and have helped NHSBT to tap into resources from employees with shared characteristics such as gender, race, cultural heritage, and disability.

Our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Employee Network supports NHSBT in its strategic objectives to save and improve patient’s lives. It also helps NHSBT to be a great place to work - by utilising the skills and resources of its BAME employees in order to add value to the organisation.

There is a growing demand for black donors due to the increase in the number of people with sickle cell disease which is the fastest growing genetic disorder in the UK.  The BAME Network has set up our successful Donor Ambassador Programme to help recruit a further 40,000 black donors in order to help save lives.

Our ambassadors are a team of well trained, dedicated employees who promote and recruit blood and organ donors from BAME communities.
Members of the NHSBT BAME Employee Network
Members of the NHSBT BAME Employee Network

We also have a Disability and Health Promotion Advocate Scheme to promote disability equality issues within NHSBT and provide general information to managers.  We are also a member of the Business Disability Forum (BDF) and our advocates work in partnership with the BDF and seek external expertise on disability related matters.

All of this work is key to our success as an organisation as evidence shows that diversity and inclusion leads to more innovation, more opportunities for all, better access to talent, and better business performance.

Further network groups are planned so we can enable workplace and community engagement initiatives to come to life – adding authenticity to our organisation.