Take your nursing career in a new direction

As a Special Health Authority we're proud of the exceptional work our nurses do.

Providing blood to hospitals, supporting the donation of organs, tissues and stem cells and providing specialist services to patients such as therapeutic apheresis.

Not all nursing jobs are the same

At NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), we share a common purpose – to save and improve lives. As the only organisation providing blood, tissue and organs in the UK, our work is incredibly important – and right at the core of this work are our skilled and varied nursing teams. They’re the reason we’re able to enhance the wellbeing of thousands and thousands of people – and now you can join this world-class team. 

The statistics speak for themselves

Did you know?

  • Our nurses collect 7,000 units of blood for use in English hospitals every single day?
  • Or that more than 10million people have joined the organ donor register?
  • Or that in the past year our nurses have carried out over 6,000 apheresis procedures
  • Or that 5,900 donations have taken place, including corneas
  • Or that 27,000 life-enhancing and life-saving transplants have taken place over the last ten years?

It’s an incredible feat, and thanks to the newly formed NHSBT Nursing Council and their ambitious plans for the future, we will build on our existing foundations to continuously improve the care and experience of our donors, patients and their families.

A blood donation nurse and a blood donor, laughing together

If you choose to join us, then you too can be part of this exciting journey. 

We're looking for skilled, caring and compassionate nurses to join us in Blood, Organ and Tissue Donation as well as in Therapeutic Apheresis Services, Patient Blood Management and our Research and Clinical teams - with each directorate offering incredible career progression, professional development and the kind of job satisfaction that makes your working day rewarding. 

We've put a comprehensve Nursing Strategy in place to ensure our valuable staff are getting the most out of their roles, so all you need to decide is which team you'd be most interested joining.

Expect more from your career with NHS Blood and Transplant

Tissue Donation

Working with newly-bereaved families and hospital Trusts. Your valuable work will ensure that patients end of life wishes are respected and those that make the generous decision to donate their tissues are facilitated. Tissues such as eyes, skin, bones, heart valves, arteries and tendons are used to save and enhance the lives of those who are ill or have been injured. 

Research and clinical

Ensuring that across all of our services, treatments, policies and products continue to be developed for the benefit of future generations. You will work with multi-disciplinary teams to enhance and further our practices. 

Interested? Then let's talk....

If you’re committed to improving the lives of others, and offering support to our incredibly generous donors and their families – while setting yourself up for a career-defining role – then we’ve got a place for you in NHSBT. Get in touch with us today on corporatenurseteam@nhsbt.nhs.uk.