Statutory framework

These are the rules that govern our finances.

Standing orders

Our organisation’s statutory framework and internal rules are defined by Standing Orders, known as "SOs”.

These include board appointments, board meetings, delegation arrangements, declarations and registers of employees and board members' interests, codes of business conduct for all employees and board members, and tendering and contract procedures.

View Standing Orders for January 2022 (PDF 268KB)

Standing financial instructions

We operate under Standing Financial Instructions, known as "SFIs", which are financial rules laid down by the Secretary of State for Health.

The SFIs, which include Standing Orders and the Scheme of Delegation, set out the financial responsibilities, policies and procedures that apply to everyone in our organisation.

Failure to comply with SFIs is a disciplinary matter, which could result in dismissal.

View Standing Financial Instructions for March 2021 (PDF 408KB)

Scheme of Delegation

The Scheme of Delegation, or "SoD", defines the overall accountability of the NHSBT Board to the Secretary of State for Health.

The SoD sets out the responsibility of the Board for setting policy, determining the strategic direction, setting strategic objectives for the Operating Divisions and Group Services, and monitoring performance against these objectives.

Similarly, the SoD sets out the responsibilities of the Chief Executive, the Operating Division Directors and Group Directors to manage the activities of the NHSBT, to prepare business plans and report on performance to the Board.

The delegations, including financial limits, to achieve the strategic objectives and the business plans are detailed in the SoD. The SoD also sets out responsibilities of all NHSBT colleagues for receiving and holding funds on trust for the NHSBT.

View Scheme of Delegation for March 2022 (PDF 341KB)