Our Charity Fund

The NHS Blood and Transplant Charity Fund uses donations from donors, patients and the public to save and improve lives.

Donations to our charity can be used to develop new therapies, improve our donation services and undertake groundbreaking research so we can continue to innovate in saving lives.

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How to donate to our charity

You can donate to our charity in a number of different ways:

  • Donate by bank transfer – please contact Finance@nhs.net to find out more
  • Donate in memory of someone by creating an online tribute through the charity MuchLoved
  • Company donations can be made through Benevity

About our charity

Over the past 5 years, through generous donations, we’ve been able to fund research in many different areas, including:

Stem cell transplants and blood transfusion

This research looked into the benefits of different approaches to blood transfusion for children undergoing stem cell transplants.

It's hoped that findings from this research will improve health outcomes for these critically ill children.

Kidney transplants and stem cells

This research looked at the benefits of giving stem cell donations to kidney transplant patients.

It's hoped that findings from this research will reduce the likelihood of heart damage in these patients.

Organ donation after cardiac arrest

This research will look into the possibility of accepting donated organs from people who die unexpectedly from cardiac arrest.

It's hoped that findings from this research will lead to many more organ transplants in the UK. 

To find out more about our Charity Fund, or the related accounts, please contact NHSBT.Finance@nhs.net.

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