Patient information

Contacting your TAS unit

If you have any queries about your appointment date, or if you need to change or cancel it, please telephone your Therapeutic Apheresis Service (TAS) unit.

Please contact your unit if you have any other queries prior to your appointment.

Not sure you'll be well enough to attend?

Please call the TAS unit immediately if you’re concerned about having your procedure, or if your condition or medication has changed since your last appointment.

What to expect

Our treatments are usually carried out at one of our dedicated TAS units, if patients are well enough to travel to us. However, we do treat patients by the bedside if they are very unwell. Treatments for children will always be undertaken at the bedside in the children’s hospital.

Treatments can take a few hours and there is generally no pain or discomfort. You can relax and read or watch television during this time. Each procedure is different, you can find out more about the treatment you’re having and download patient information leaflets here.

General information

  • Please bring some food if you are being treated over lunchtime. The units only have a selection of light snacks and crisps available.
  • Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothes as the procedure can take a few hours.
  • Please arrive for your appointment on time as there may be other patients booked for procedures after yours. If you are late we may have to cut your procedure short or be unable to carry out your procedure at all.
  • Please read the relevant patient information leaflet(s) prior to your appointment.
  • Following your treatment, please make sure you have your next appointment booked prior to leaving the unit.

If you feel unwell once you have left the TAS unit, please contact your GP or hospital clinician.

Information on children's services

Therapeutic Apheresis treatments for children will take place in a specialised children's hospital or ward.

Our dedicated TAS nurses will come to the children's hospital with all the required equipment, so your child feels as comfortable as possible.

More information about your treatment

If you would like more information about your treatment, please see our patient information leaflets.

Contact us

Call us on: 0117 921 7407

Email Therapeutic Apheresis Services

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