What to expect when you supply to us

All the activities NHS Blood and Transplant carry out to save and improve patients’ lives are subject to strict regulations.

For details on the policies and regulations that we work to please visit our Policies and Regulations page.


Our Quality Assurance Department provides advice on regulatory compliance to employees across the organisation.

This helps us continually improve efficiency; and the quality of our products and services, ensuring the finest care for donors and best outcomes for patients.

In order to evaluate the quality impact of the items or services our suppliers provide, and in accordance with our Standard Operating Procedures, we require all suppliers to complete a Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire (FRM4451) as part of the tender and contracting process.


NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) work collaboratively with the other Health Departments and organisations within the UK and worldwide.

This includes policy development, service improvement and bench-marking, and research; as well as partnering on the setting up of contracts and framework agreements.

We collaborate with a number of other countries including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

NHSBT are part of the UK Blood Transfusion Services (UKBTS) with the Joint Professional Advisory Committee (JPAC).

We are also members of the UK Forum, the European Blood Alliance (EBA), and the Alliance of Blood Operators (ABO).