Your NHS needs you

The need for blood donors never stops – your NHS needs you! 

Please use and share these resources to keep people donating.

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Key messages:

  • If you are fit and healthy, we need you to keep donating as normal.
  • Travel to donate blood is essential for the NHS.
  • Extra safety measures are in place.
  • Blood donation is a reason to go outside and do something amazing. Blood donation saves lives.
  • Patients and doctors are relying on us to be there.

Currently new donors may find it difficult to find an appointment, this is because we are currently prioritising known blood types to satisfy hospital demand during this difficult time.

We know that this must be disappointing but rest assured that new blood donors will be needed in the future, so please book an appointment for later in the year - the need for blood never stops.

Thank you for supporting NHS Blood and Transplant.

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