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An explanation of the screening and diagnostics graphic

A graphic showing the timeline of screening services and tests throughout pregnancy. (Note: weeks listed are approximate and for illustrative purposes only)

  • Weeks 8-13 - ABO type
  • Weeks 8-13 - Rh D type
    • From week 11(+2) - Fetal RHD screen
      • Weeks 20-40 - FMH screen, FMH quantitation
  • Weeks 8-12 - Antibody screen
    • Weeks 14-20 - ID & quantitation
      • Weeks 16-33 - (high risk pregnancy)  Fetal RH genotype 
      • Weeks 20-33 - (high risk pregnancy)  Fetal K genotype
      • Weeks 27-33 - Antibody screen
  • Weeks 8-12 - Microbiology screen
    • Weeks 14-18 - Confirm
    • Weeks 24-38 - Late bookers - urgent microbiology screen
  • Late bookers - all NHSBT services available throughout pregnancy

NHS Blood and Transplant
 is a special health authority responsible for 'saving and improving lives' by providing a safe, reliable and efficient supply of blood components, stem cells and diagnostics services to healthcare providers in England and solid organs and tissues across the UK.

We provide a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to other NHS organisations, including stem cell and tissue products, laboratory services, and specialist treatments such as therapeutic apheresis for patients with particularly complex needs.