Improving diversity and inclusion

Improving diversity and inclusion in our organisation is a priority for NHS Blood and Transplant. 

We are making a long-term commitment to changing the culture of our organisation.

From our Chief Executive, Betsy Bassis:

"Recent events in the US, coupled with the disproportionate impact that Covid-19 has had on the BAME community, has triggered protests and soul searching worldwide. There is a growing consciousness about institutional racism and longstanding inequalities that have belied improvement for generations.

"Sadly, NHSBT has not been immune from these historic problems, as highlighted by this independent report which I commissioned following a visit to Colindale last year. At that time, I committed to publishing the findings as a way to re-build trust and ensure the organisation is held to account for delivery.

Whilst this report focuses on a particular site, we know that these issues are evident in other parts of our organisation. I am truly sorry to anyone at NHSBT who has experienced bias, discrimination and/or microagressions. This is unacceptable. We have and will continue to take action until NHSBT is a truly diverse and inclusive organisation."

Organisation diagnosis report review

Following the publication of our Organisational Diagnostic Report​​​​​​​ by Globis in June 2020, we committed to reviewing our progress against the nine priority recommendations one year on.

We commissioned an independent review to sense check the experiences of the changes made with colleagues at Colindale.

We have made some good progress, but we know there is still much more to do. The lessons we have learned and continue to learn apply to the wider organisation too.

This valuable insight will now be used to shape and accelerate our wider equality, diversity and inclusion programme for the whole organisation.

Read the independent review - August 2021 (PDF 567KB)

Read the organisation diagnosis report - June 2020 (PDF 395KB)

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