Response to Wales achieving highest organ donation consent rates across the UK

22 November 2018

New figures released by the Welsh Government show for the first time a significant increase in the donation after brain stem death (DBD) consent rates in Wales (88.2%) when compared to England (73.3%). The donation after circulatory death (DCD) consent rate in Wales has also improved and is now 68% compared to England 59.8%.

Wales now has the highest combined DBD and DCD consent rate in the UK at 80.5%, when compared to England (66.2%), Scotland (63.6%) and Northern Ireland (66.7).

Sally Johnson OBE, interim chief executive of NHS Blood and Transplant, says: 

“Together with our Welsh colleagues, and people around the world, we have been closely monitoring the support for organ donation in Wales since the move to an opt out system in 2015.

“These latest figures are extremely positive. We hope that we will continue to maintain and build on this upward climb in consent rates both in Wales and across the rest of the UK and that recent media and public interest will continue to be reflected in the number of donors and families agreeing to give this life-saving gift.

“At a time when the Parliament of the United Kingdom and the Scottish Parliament are giving detailed consideration to how best to increase our own consent rates and also debating a move to an opt out system, these figures will add valuable evidence to these discussions.

“As we continue to track developments in Wales and sustain close comparisons across the nations, it remains essential that people across the UK continue to register their support for organ donation by joining the NHS Organ Donor Register and sharing their decision with their families.”