Plasma 10 campaign aims to recruit Birmingham businesses to donate plasma

3 May 2024

During Plasma Donation Week, April 22 to 28, renowned West Midlands businessman Professor Paul Cadman has launched Plasma 10. This is a campaign to recruit ten donors from ten Birmingham businesses within a ten minute walk of the New Street plasma donor centre.

Professor Paul Cadman standing next to Pip, the plasma mascotOnce a company has ten registrations, Professor Cadman will assist with small group bookings.

A dedicated donor, having recently donated plasma for the 150th time, Professor Cadman is hoping to encourage others to sign up to save lives.

17,000 people across the UK rely on plasma derived medicines to treat 50 types of medical conditions.

He said: "One of the things I am passionate about is giving plasma. I have just marked my 150th donation. By dedicating just 60 seconds of your time to register, you can make an impact on a fellow human's life, at absolutely no cost to you."

Professor Cadman launched the Plasma 10 campaign at Villa Park on Saturday, where he also encouraged sports fans to sign up as plasma donors before they watched Aston Villa's 2-2 draw with Chelsea.

Your plasma could be used to treat 50 diseases – and it only takes around an hour to donate.

You can donate plasma in Birmingham, Reading or Twickenham.

You can find more information on plasma on our website.