It's Organ Donation Week!

20 September 2021

This Organ Donation Week we’re encouraging families to get together and talk about organ donation.

Heart to heart displayAlthough the law around organ donation has changed to an opt-out system for adults in England, Wales and Scotland, your family will still be consulted if organ donation is a possibility. 

Your family can overturn your decision if they aren't sure what you want, but 9 in 10 families support organ donation going ahead when they know that's what their loved ones had wanted.

We’re encouraging everyone in the family - no matter what age - to start talking about organ donation. Even if you’re not sure if you want to donate, having that conversation might help you make up your mind.

Show your heart this Organ Donation Week

Hang a heart in your window to make the pledge to talk about your donation decision this Organ Donation Week!

If you've already had the conversation, show your heart to encourage others to have theirs. 

hanging hearts

Our hanging hearts are available in English and Welsh, and there is even a version to colour in yourself if you want to get the whole family involved.

Choose a heart to download and display

Scarlette Douglas urges families to talk

As part of our partnership with Channel 4, A Place in the Sun star Scarlette Douglas will be raising awareness about the need for families to talk to each other so that everyone is certain about their decision on organ donation.

Scarlette DouglasWe’re delighted to have Scarlette - who is passionate about organ donation - involved in the campaign.

Scarlette says:

"By one selfless gesture, we can give hope to others and continue to live on through their new lease of life.

"I first started supporting NHS Blood and Transplant after my brother’s life was saved by strangers who had donated life-saving blood. Just like with blood donation, by registering as an organ donor, you too can give the incredible gift of life and prevent another family or families from facing the loss of a loved one.

"Take just two minutes out of your day to register your organ donation decision and tell your family and friends.” 

Being an organ donor gives someone another chance.
Scarlette Douglas

Channel 4 presenter

Follow our social media channels to see all the incredible activity taking place for Organ Donation Week and get tips on how to start the conversation with your own family.

Talk to your loved ones this week and leave them certain about what you want.