NHSBT and The African and Caribbean Leukemia Trust host live event promoting donation within BAME communities

25 November 2020

Today (25 November) at 6pm NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and The African and Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) will be hosting a Facebook Live event on NHSBT's blood donation channel @givebloodnhs.

The event panel will include Calvin Campbell, Events and Outreach Officer for NHSBT, Davinia Caballero, kidney and blood recipient, and two guest panel members, Beverley De-Gale OBE & Orin Lewis OBE.

Beverley and Orin are co-founders of ACLT, a multiple award winning charity dedicated to raising awareness of the shortage of people on the UK bone marrow, blood and organ donor registers.

The panel will be sharing their experience of years of pioneering campaigns within the African and Caribbean communities, their approach to the reticence and myths within the communities, and blood donation safety during the current climate of pandemic.

About our guests

Beverley De-Gale

Beverley’s role is to ensure ACLT runs smoothly. She manages the staff and volunteers, ensuring effective use of limited resources and organises registration drives.

Beverley also supports patients and their families who are confronted with a diagnosis of any blood cancers/disorders and those in urgent need of an organ transplant.

In her spare time Beverley likes to eat out and socialise with friends and family. She enjoys relaxing with her daughter Dominique, listening to music, reading books or watching interesting TV.

Beverley, also loves to travel around the world with Orin, enjoying quality time and finding out about other cultures.

Orin Lewis

Orin’s main purpose is to develop the strategy and principles of the ACLT.

He also manages the staff alongside Beverley, planning effective use of resources. Moreover, Orin delivers operative programs and service within budget and to quality standards.

When Orin has spare time, he loves to listen to music and relax. He loves to travel around the world in his spare time with Beverley as it helps them unwind.

You can watch the live event from 6pm on our Give Blood Facebook channel. A recording will be made available after the event.