Our partnership with Moonpig saw the launch of a limited-edition range of cards for Mothers and Valentine’s Day.

Moonpig partnered with us to launch a limited-edition range of Valentine’s Day cards that featured slogans such as ‘I only have eyes for you…unless they get donated to someone who needs them’ and ‘Urine my heart, urine my soul… but one day my kidney may be in someone else’.

The cards spread the word about the importance of not only registering to be an organ donor but ensuring people told their loved ones about their decision. 

All cards contained a cut-out organ donor card to keep in a wallet, as well as a message telling the recipient they were on the donor register to help prompt conversations about organ donation between couples.

We partnered with Moonpig for a second time for Mother’s Day by launching a range of cards with the potential to save lives.

In a twist on traditional cards given to Mothers, our cards had a light-hearted tone on the serious topic of blood donation, encouraging dads and adult sons to donate blood.

Around 50,000 units of donated blood are received by mothers during childbirth every year, yet research by Moonpig found 62% of fathers did not know that childbirth is one of the leading uses of blood donation

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