Helping us make positive change by working together to #TakeActionMakeImpact

Partnering with us again in September 2023 for National Inclusion Week, 11 Marriott staff members joined us at the West End Donor Centre to generously donate blood.

Their selfless act will make a significant difference in the lives of many patients, as each donation can save up to 3 lives in an hour.

By supporting NHS Blood and Transplant, they are ensuring that our local hospitals receive the vital blood supply they need, precisely when it's needed most.

Marriott staff members donating blood at donor centre for NHS partnership


Helping us recruit more blood donor and increase awareness.

Marriott is providing us with a unique opportunity in June 2022, opening their doors to What’s your blood type events to support us during National Blood Week.

At these events, people will be able to register to give blood and take a quick test to find out what their blood type might be.

The partnership aims to increase the number of regular donors across England with a bespoke promotion online through NHS Blood and Transplant channels as well as Marriott social media platforms.

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