Harmonies of Hope

Harmonies of Hope is a children’s transplant choir based in London.

Harmonies of Hope logoThe choir was formed in 2018 to support paediatric transplant patients and their siblings from Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

In 2019, the choir expanded to children from Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

Members of the choir have either received a kidney transplant, are waiting for a transplant, or are the sibling of a transplant patient.

Organ Donation Week 2021 highlighted that 7,000 people, including 200 children, need a transplant across the UK.  

To support this message, Harmonies of Hope released a recording of the song, ‘Invisible’ by Jason Robert Brown to raise awareness for those on the waiting list.

Performing together for the first time in eighteen months, the choir raised their voices, singing out in support of young people who are waiting for an organ transplant, communicating how it can leave them feeling isolated, unable to participate in day-to-day life, missing school, special occasions and seeing close family and friends.

Waiting for a kidney donor I do sometimes feel invisible, today I’ve felt like I have been seen.

Choir member

For those waiting for a transplant, it can feel like life has been put on hold and sadly, for many, that life-saving call will still never come.

The choir was formed by Pankaj Chandak, a transplant surgeon and researcher who pioneers the use of 3D printing in paediatric kidney transplants.

Mr Chandak says:

“Many children, young people and even adults, who are waiting for a transplant tell us that they can often feel invisible or isolated from society, especially at this time when so many transplant patients are having to shield to keep themselves safe.

We sing for them, but we also sing as a tribute to all those amazing donors who have helped give our young patients this incredible second chance of life.

With this song, we hope that our message will be heard loud and clear, encouraging more people to speak with their families and ultimately, save more lives.”

Organ donation is so important as it can help anyone, myself included. Signing up to the organ donation register shows you have a heart and you could be willing to give someone another chance at life.

Choir member