Encouraging blood and organ donation through the church

The fleshandblood campaign was  the first time NHSBT  worked with UK churches on a national initiative to promote donation.

The campaign encouraged the church to see blood and organ donation as part of its giving and mobilised the church to increase the number of blood and organ donors in the UK.

Founded as a partnership between creative agency Kore and NHS Blood and Transplant and sponsored by Give.net, the campaign aimed to raise the profile of donation within the church, giving individuals and churches the tools needed to be advocates for donation, helping them engage with their family, friends and communities. 

The campaign featured many strands of activity from recruiting 800 donors at the Greenbelt Christian Festival to wrapping Carlisle Cathedral in a giant red ribbon during National Transplant Week. A total of seven Archbishops gave their voice to the campaign including two Archbishops of Canterbury. For pictures and stories about all fab activity visit www.fleshandblood.org

Flesh and blood logo

Fab's network of associates brought together denominations and organisations that played a vital role in the campaign and encouraged a collaborative voice on blood and organ donation. Associates were:

flesh and blood associates