Dalgety Teas

We are excited to begin a partnership with Dalgety Teas, as we continue to raise more awareness about blood and organ donation.

Dalgety Teas are one of the most recognised tea brands, offering 100% natural, “strong flava” herbal teas with ingredients sourced from small ethical farmers from the Caribbean and around the world.

Over the last 20 years they have created a ‘fan club’ for their brand and gained popularity amongst consumers. Dalgety can be found on the shelves of major supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda as well as most ethnic shops nationally.

Their diverse clientele presents NHS Blood and Transplant with lots of opportunities to promote both blood and organ donation to Black, South Asian and ethnic minority communities.

Dalgety logo

As part of this partnership Dalgety Teas will be encouraging customers to register as an organ or blood donor after they’ve purchased a product from their website, email marketing will sent to their clientele, and Dalgety Teas will also be providing free tea to blood donors at some blood donation sessions.