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Encourage schools to use our teaching resources

Help us to educate young people about organ and tissue donation

Many campaigners and supporters get in touch with NHS Blood and Transplant to ask what they can do to promote donation in their local area.

One thing that you can do is help encourage schools in your area to use our organ and tissue donation education resources in their classrooms.

We believe it’s important to educate young people about organ and tissue donation.

Our teaching resources

We have developed a portfolio of teaching resources, aimed at students aged between 11 and 16 (key stage 3 and 4 students).

We hope that the lessons we have produced will not only educate the students themselves but also encourage them to stimulate conversations about organ and tissue donation at home with other members of their families.

Access our teaching resources

How to get started

We have produced a template letter, that you can amend or adapt, to send to schools in your area to encourage them to incorporate the education resources into their lesson planning. You could also send it to education leads in your local councils.

Download the template letter