Give the gift of sight

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Transplant recipient Laura and her son Noah


Donating your corneas can enable people to see again

We need more people to say 'Yes I donate' to cornea donation.

That's why we've launched our campaign to raise awareness of cornea donation and encourage more people to sign up to donate after they die.

Laura's story

Laura has had two cornea transplants for an undiagnosed illness. She had her first transplant in 2005 in her right eye. 

“By the time I had my transplant I couldn’t see out of my right eye”

When the same problem developed in her left eye, she had another transplant in 2015.

I feel forever grateful to my donor and their family. Words are not enough to express my gratitude"


Use our videos to help people learn about the extraordinary impact of cornea donation.

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Now I can see my son’s lovely little face!

Social media graphics

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  • Donating sight can help people like Laura to see again, say yes I donate to cornea donation #YesIdonate
  • Millions of people in the UK have committed to donate sight via the NHS Organ Donor Register. Join them #YesIdonate
  • Almost anyone can donate their corneas. Give the gift of sight; let them see what they could only imagine #YesIdonate

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Web and email materials

• Add a screensaver to your desktop to show your support
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We have also provided copy that can be circulated internally to employees via en email, newsletter, e-bulletin

Download email copy (Word 30KB)

Download and display an A4 poster

There are two poster designs; one features Laura who has had her sight restored thanks to a cornea donor, the other features Jo who supported her mum’s decision to donate her corneas after her death.

Order leaflets

Download our cornea donation leaflet (PDF 1MB) to display. The leaflet includes information on cornea donation and the stories of recipient Laura, and donor Andrew.

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