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Faith and donation

Image of faith symbols


The major religions in the UK support the idea of blood and organ donation and transplantation. Faith should not be a barrier to donation. Help us to share faith leaders' views and improve understanding of the role of faith in blood and organ donation.

Religion is no barrier to donation

We are working with church and faith leaders to spread the message that becoming a donor is an important part of caring for the lives of others. Please use the faith-related videos, graphics and leaflets available to download on this page in your support of donation. 

Church campaign encourages more black donors

We have joined with black Christian churches across England, to encourage more black donors to register, book an appointment and give blood. Find out more about this church campaign and please view and share the video of Reverend Rose Hudson Wilkin below.

You can get other materials to use and share from our 'Get involved' page for the black church campaign: Help Save Your Neighbour's Life.

Use our videos to help people learn about the perspectives of organ donation in Islam

You can share or embed these videos on your own sites and channels. The films give the perspectives of Rehanah Sadiq, Chaplain at Queen Elizabeth Hospital; Dr Adnan Sharif, renal consultant at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham; Rozia Raja, Community Ambassador, South Asian Health Action, and Dr Musharraf Hussain, CEO, Karimia Institute.

Whosoever saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.

Holy Qur’an, chapter 5, vs. 32

Organ donation and religion

Use our videos to help people understand more about organ donation and religion.  The films show one of our specialist nurses talking about how she has supported families from many different faiths through the organ donation process and addressing a concern about whether your body is disfigured if you donate after death.

Order leaflets

Organ donation and religious beliefs leaflet

Leaflets about organ donation and registration forms for the Organ Donor Register are available to order for events and information stands.

You can order leaflets from our online ordering store.