How you can help: contact and support

Use the details below if you need to contact us

General enquiries

General enquiries relating to blood and/or organ donation.

This number is available 24/7.

0300 123 2323

Our campaigns

For advice and support on our campaigns, please contact:

Blood and Plasma donation:

Organ donation:

Promotional materials

To order promotional materials, visit our NHSBT leaflets page.

If you need to place a larger order than the system allows or have any questions about organ donation promotional items, please email

Press enquiries

For press enquiries or if you are a journalist, please contact:
Phone – 01923 367 600 (available 24/7)


If you are an organisation or working with an organisation who wish to support blood and/or organ donation, please contact:

Brand enquiries

For queries relating to NHS Blood and Transplant, blood or organ donation branding, or for design advice for promotional items, please contact:

Speaker requests

If you are arranging an event and are looking for someone from NHS Blood and Transplant to come along and speak about organ donation, please email your request to: