Archie relied on blood transfusions for 10 years

Archie has a rare blood disorder
Archie was kept alive by the generous act of giving blood.
Craig Ramshaw, Archie's dad

In December 2019, Archie Ramshaw celebrated a year without a blood transfusion.

It's a huge milestone for the 16 year old who had blood transfusions every 3 weeks for a decade to stay alive. 

Archie has congenital sideroblastic anaemia, which means his bone marrow is unable to produce healthy blood cells.

Blood transfusions were the only option until other treatment was found.

In that time, it’s estimated that Archie received more than 500 bags of blood.

However, after a bone marrow transplant in 2018, Archie is finally able to move on with his life.

Archie has taught us that no matter how hard life can get, if you fight hard enough you can win the fight.
Craig Ramshaw, Archie's dad

Moving on

Archie is now studying animal health care full-time at college. He volunteers at a local petting farm and is working with local gamekeepers to improve his understanding of animal management.

The transformation from the little boy who missed out on so much school and could sometimes hardly walk is unrecognisable.

While this is a hugely positive moment in Archie’s life, his health battle continues. Instead of receiving blood every 3 weeks, Archie will soon start the process of ‘dumping’ blood every 3 weeks until his iron levels are normal. It is hoped this will help his organs and body to continue to heal.

The journey continues for Archie, but there are many others like him who are just getting started.

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