Meet the team

The SIGNET study is a ground breaking collaboration between patients, researchers and clinical teams in organ donation and transplant.


The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Health Technology Assessment Programme are funding the study.

NHS Blood and Transplant will help to deliver the study through the expert specialist nurses that support organ donation in hospitals, and the national logistical and coordination teams who facilitate transplants.

Clinical and research teams in UK intensive care units, supported by the UK Critical Care Research Group, will help us run the study and explain it to patients and families.

The UK’s clinical transplant community will help us integrate the study into usual care and analyse the impact of the intervention, supported by the UK Organ Donation and Transplant Research Network.

Most importantly donors, their families and transplant recipients will help us discover new knowledge by agreeing to take part in the study.  

The SIGNET study has a dedicated patient and public advisory panel, convened through NHSBT’s Patient and Public Advisory group, to oversee the study on an ongoing basis, provide input into donor and recipient facing materials and provide a lay perspective to the management of the trial and its dissemination.


Our chief investigators

Professor John Dark

Co-Chief Investigator

Professor Dan Harvey

Co-Chief Investigator

Our investigators

Professor Christopher Watson


Professor Andrew Fisher


Professor Neil Sheerin


Professor Guy MacGowan


Professor James Shaw


Professor Danny McAuley


Our operational team

Amy Evans

Clinical Trial Manager

Claire Rourke

Clinical Operations Manager

Renate Hodge

Clinical Data Services Manager

Helen Thomas

Head of Clinical Trial Statistics

Laura Smith

Senior Statistician

Suzie Phillips


Anne O'Maolain

Clinical Trial Co-Ordinator

Kavya Baswana

Trial Administrator

Roshni Paul

Junior Clinical Data Manager

Quality Assurance

Katie Keen

GCP Quality Project Specialist

Our patient and public advisors

Hilary Yates

Patient and Public Advisor

Andrea Fallow

Patient and Public Advisor