Clinical Trials Unit

We are fully registered with the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) and have over 15 years experience of managing clinical trials

Our Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)

Our CTU is fully registered with the UKCRC.

Our team delivers high quality clinical trials to provide the evidence that will improve patient care.

Our aim is to collaborate with researchers in the design, conduct, analysis and publication of clinical trials and other prospective studies, primarily in the fields of transfusion medicine, organ donation and transplantation, tissue and stem cell transplantation. 

We welcome enquires from investigators wishing to work with the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) Clinical Trials Unit (CTU).

Please contact us with any enquiries.

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Our CTU is proud to support the AllTrials campaign for all clinical trials to be registered and all results reported.

Privacy statement

(General Data Protection Regulation)

When you agree to take part in a research study, the information about your health and care may be provided to researchers running other research studies in this organisation and in other organisations. These organisations may be universities, NHS organisations or companies involved in health and care research in this country or abroad.

Your information will only be used by organisations and researchers to conduct research in accordance with the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research. This information will not identify you and will not be combined with other information in a way that could identify you. The information will only be used for the purpose of health and care research, and cannot be used to contact you or to affect your care. It will not be used to make decisions about future services available to you, such as insurance.

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