Our team

Meet our team

The NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) provides a skilled and experienced team who are committed to delivering expert support and efficient trial management.

Our staff are specialists, whether within data management, statistics or clinical operations.

Our CTU leadership comes from Dr Lise Estcourt, CTU Director and Rachel Johnson, Assistant Director Statistics and Clinical Studies. 

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Our Leadership Team

Our Statistics Team

Our statisticians provide a full statistical service throughout the life cycle of the clinical trial. From the outset, we can advise on trial design and sample size requirements, and contribute to the production of trial protocols and funding applications. Our statistics team, based in Bristol, will also work with you to develop plans for interim analyses and develop the analysis plan for the final dataset using the latest techniques to make best use of the data. After the data has been locked and the analysis performed, we can assist with final trial reports and papers for publication

Our Data Management Team

Our Data Management team provides overall data management support; from data capture form and database design, to data entry, query production and resolution, and final data cleaning. An industry standard clinical trial database management software system – MACROTM - is used for the design, management and capture of clinical trial data for all our randomised clinical trials, and supports data entry via a web browser. 

Our Clinical Operations Team

The Clinical Operations team work with investigators to ensure that the trial is successful. A Clinical Operations Manager will be assigned to your trial at the beginning of our involvement and will remain with the trial until completion. They will oversee the work of the trial manager, manage the budget and timelines and liaise with data management and statistical staff as required.

Our Administration Team

The CTU is supported by our business manager together with a trial administrator.  They ensure that the unit is running smoothly.

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