Pre-Implantation trial of Histopathology in renal Allografts

Chief investigator: Mr Gavin Pettigrew
Primary sponsor: Cambridge University Hospitals
Funder: NIHR Research for Patient benefit


Does the introduction of a national, pre-implantation biopsy histopathology service increase numbers and improve outcomes of kidney transplants performed in the UK?

Study hypothesis

Provision of a national, 24/7 pre-implantation biopsy service results - at reasonable cost - in the transplantation of a greater proportion of kidneys offered from ECD donors, and/or improves kidney transplant function at one year post-transplant.

Numbers of deceased donor kidney transplants performed annually in the UK are consequently significantly increased or improved in quality.

Study design

An open, stepped-wedge cluster, randomised trial.

Study contact

Anna Sidders
Email: Anna.Sidders@nhsbt.nhs.uk
Tel: 07392 139868


Ayorinde J, Summers DM, Pankhurst L, Laing E, Deary AJ, Hemming K, Wilson EC, Bardsley V, Neil DA, Pettigrew GJ. Pre Implantation Trial of Histopathology In renal Allografts (PITHIA): a stepped-wedge cluster randomised controlled trial protocol.
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