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Choose an IT career where the focus is on people, not processes. Donna Hodson, National IT Projects Manager, tells her story.

I couldn’t think of a better employer, they are totally supportive.
Donna Hodson

National IT Projects Manager

Donna's story

I have worked for NHSBT for seven years. I started as a Biomedical Scientist (BMS) on the bench in Red Cell Immunohaematology (RCI), I worked in that role for two years, I then applied for a Band 7 Team Leader position which I did for four years before I started in my current post.

I am currently the IT lead for RCI with emphasis on the laboratory information system (HEMATOS). Every six months I roll out training to update the system and manage IT issues associated with equipment validation. I represent RCI on projects and working groups and support IT with compliance and quality.

I have always worked in the NHS, previously I worked in a transfusion department and NHSBT was considered the gold standard (and it still is!). I always wanted to know more about where blood came from. I asked the Blood Service to let me know when posts were becoming available and when they did, I applied.

The job roles available, the support, the people, the knowledge of the organisation, fantastic training opportunities, I can’t think of a reason why people wouldn't want to work for NHSBT!
Donna Hodson, National IT Projects Manager
Donna Hodson, National IT Projects Manager

RCI takes patients who are hard for hospitals to cross match and works diligently to ensure that the units are matched to the right people with the correct requirements. The team work 24/7 to achieve this. My role is a dual role and I work partly for IT as well, who make sure that that the lab staff’s needs are met and the system meets the requirements needed to recognise antibodies and identify whether or not a blood bag is suitable for transfusion.

The work done by the team in RCI is amazing. I like everything about it. The team are all good friends and get on well; they work professionally together. Also I love that I travel with my job and get to meet new people.

I couldn’t think of a better employer, they are totally supportive. I did my MSc in Transfusion Science in 2013 and my managers gave me time, space and also helped me immensely with it. NHSBT is a really great place to work, the people are nice and it is really supportive; I have never felt this supported in any other role.

Since leaving school NHSBT is the nicest employer I have worked for. I definitely say go for it!