Raise awareness of a vital process

Play your part in promoting tissue donation and saving and improving lives. David Tomlinson, Nurse Practitioner/Tissue Donation Ambassador Co-ordinator, tells his story.

The opportunities are tremendous at NHSBT.
David Tomlinson

Nurse Practitioner/Tissue Donation Ambassador Co-ordinator

David's story

I have worked for NHSBT for just over two years. I saw an advert on NHS jobs for a Nurse Practitioner vacancy in the National Referral Centre in Tissue Services. After visiting the centre I applied for the role and started as Assistant Nurse Practitioner doing referrals for deceased donors and assessing whether individuals are able to be a donor by speaking to donor families. There are 15 of us in the UK who speak to families to gain consent. We always consider the best decision for the family.

In September 2015 I started in a role designed to increase referrals for tissue donation. I now do 15 hours in the National Referral Centre and the other 22.

I am currently doing a Master’s degree in donation. It is a pilot course, which I am pleased to be a part of.

What I love about working here is that I don’t have to look to see who I’m working with as all colleagues are very professional and are experts in their field.

The opportunities are tremendous at NHSBT. I’ve gone up a grade professionally in 12 months. There’s also so much opportunity for personal and professional development within NHSBT and so many courses you can attend. The organisation will identify your skills and encourage you to progress.

If you’re thinking of joining NHSBT, just go for it! People say the grass isn’t always greener but I definitely found it is. If you want to develop and progress, it’s the place to be.